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DISCOVERING Antigone, a tragedy of Sophocles

Antigone bury Polynices giving

"Antigone : - O grave, O bridal chamber, O carrier on earth that I will keep forever, where I'm going to meet with mine, a large number of which has already received Persephone dead ! From them I go down the last and by far the worst way, without having fulfilled my destiny in life. However, to go, great hopes for food dear to my dear father and also for you, mother, and you, brother, because when you were dead, I have washed my hands and I arranged everything and I offered libations on the grave. And now, Polynices, to hide your body, like it treatment. But I honor you properly in the opinion of the wise. As ever, although it had been the mother of children, even if my husband died was being corrupted, I made about this work against the will of the people. "Under what principle I talk like that? If a husband dies, another you can have, and a child of another man if he had lost one, but when the father and mother are hidden in Hades could never born a brother. And so, according to this principle, I will distinguish between all my honor to Creon and a terrible lack audacity, oh brother. And now I take after take me in your hands, no bridal bed, no wedding song, without having taken part in marriage or parenting, but, in this way, abandoned by friends, unhappy, I go live to the graves of the dead. "

recent days
Our Latin class has become a reading space "to dramatic." Although not part of Latin literature, the Sophocles' Antigone is one of the highest peaks theater of classical civilization and literature , which is why I have dared to work in the classroom with you. "The myth of Antigone has resulted in several plays, opera and theater, as the following below (In case anyone is interested in navigating the ocean of Antigone):

Antigone (Sophocles) , the tragedy of Sophocles (ca. 442 BC )
Antigone's Passion Pérez, play by Luis Rafael Sanchez (1968 )
Antigone (Tommaso Traetta) , Tommaso opera Traetta (1772 )
Antigone (Walter Hasenclever) , play by Walter Hasenclever (1917 )
Antigone (Arthur Honegger) , opera of Arthur Honegger (1927 );
Antigone (Anouilh) , theatrical work of Jean Anouilh ( 1946);
Antigone (Bertolt Brecht) , theatrical work of Bertolt Brecht ( 1947);
Antigonae , opera by Carl Orff ( 1949);
Antigona Velez, theatrical work of Leopoldo Marechal ( 1951);
Antigone (Salvador Espriu) , work Theatrical Salvador Espriu ( 1955);
Berliner Antigone, play by Rolf Hochhuth (1963 )
Furious Antigone, Griselda Gambaro work (1988 )
oder Die Stadt Antigone, opera by Georg Katzer (1991 ) ;
Antigone's tomb, María Zambrano test (1983 )
Antigone (Henry Bauchau) , novel Henry Bauchau (1997 ).

ntígona A daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta. When Oedipus through Tiresias says the old man knows his crimes, it takes vision and decrees his own exile from Thebes. Wandering blind beggar on the road together with this child. When Oedipus died, Antigone returned to Thebes, lives there with her sister Ismene, and their brothers, Eteocles and Polynices. In the War of the Seven Heads, Eteocles and Polynices fighting on opposite sides, killing both, each other's hands. Creon, king of Thebes and uncle of the brothers, decrees solemn funeral for Eteocles, and forbids the burial of Polynices, a traitor to the motherland. Antigone given the sacred duty of burying the dead, you must first imposed by the gods and the unwritten laws, violated the decree of Creon and fulfilled the religious obligation. She was sentenced to death and buried alive in the tomb of his ancestors, the Labdacus. He hanged himself in his prison, and Haemon, her betrothed, the son of Creon, committed suicide over his body. Try

further information to those aspects that interest you from the reading done.

Sophocles wrote in the V century BC but also raised the conflict today, we can see that Antigone two opposing notions of duty: family, characterized by respect for religious rules and represents Antigone itself, and civil, characterized by the enforcement of state and represented by Creon King of Thebes. This opens up a moral debate and controversial: to what extent the personal freedom can be controlled by public authorities? Antigone Should be considered innocent or guilty, heroin or executioner? Does Creon behaves just like a king or an authoritarian and ruthless tyrant? How much responsibility do you think has everyone in the events that are triggered at the end?

recall the final words of Creon, to learn the tragedy of his family:

" PAGE .- You can see it, is no longer inside. (Open the main door and you see the body of Eurydice together young ladies.)
CREON .- Alas! New disaster before my eyes, O unhappy! What, what's the blow that still awaits me? In my hands my son was dead, and now, miserable, I see before me another corpse. Ay, ay hapless mother, oh my son! PAGE
.- the foot of the altar, and thrusting a sharp sword, turned off the light in her eyes, lamenting the witty marriage of son before he died of Megareus, and now this, and finally singing dire imprecations against you as a murderer of your children. CREON
.- Oh, woe is me! I shudder with terror. Did not be someone who wields double-edged sword and cross in front of me? Miserable I am, I thought!, And yet I am miserable anguish. PAGE
.- At least she, dying, you're accused of causing these calamities and of the above.
.- CREON And what has been a death? PAGE .-
itself She has pierced his heart and he has heard the sadly lamented death of his son. CREON
.- Alas! Nobody, nobody but me will never be blamed for this crime. I've killed you, son, I, wretch, confess it openly. Get me out of here O servants!, As soon as possible, get me out, I no longer exist, I'm not. "

What education do you think we can draw from the work of Sophocles?

Greetings to all. I learn that our colleague Ionela moved to Guadalajara, I was sad, if we're reading, I want you to know that you are a student copy. I hope everything will go well and you continue studying Latin. This space is open, you can always intervene you want. We'll miss you. A big hug and good luck in your new life.


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